Workshop « AI & Graphic Design » à l’International Design Week « Mutate or Mute », Graz, 8 – 12 mai 2023

Merci à l’Institute of Design & Communication, FH JOANNEUM de nous avoir accueillis !

Abstract : Artificial intelligence is now at the heart of our daily lives and is changing our relationship with the world. All these machine learning systems (Machine learning and Deep Learning) simulating the brain’s capacities question again the interactions between man and machine. This raises the question of what we want to delegate to the machine, and more precisely to AIs, and how this delegation fits into a design project.

In this context, the subject of the workshop will be to realized with the students a poster, based on the three laws of robotics established by the writer Isaac Asimov. The objective is to approach graphic design in collaboration with the AIs DALLE-2 and Midjourney. Using the text to image method (prompts), a set of graphic elements will be made, the group will initiate the ideas and intentions and the students will make the visuals in co-creation with the AIs. The goal is to imagine and develop (or explore and design)a common form of work within the group with the AIs. The objective is the realization of a printed poster, the graphic experiments will then focus on typography, layout and the realization of different visuals, making exchanges between the AIs and the working group. The final reading of the poster will be extended, meaning that it will also be viewable in augmented reality with a smartphone. This will bring an extra dimension to the graphic creation by going from 2D to 3D, using animation or designing a graphic interface. The constraints of format and resolution of images can be a source of graphic invention. In the same way that the passage of images to 3D forms can allow augmented reality readings in space.